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Pavluts no longer wants electricity market for households to be deregulated September 1

Daniels Pavluts. Photo: LETA.
RIGA, March 26 (NOZARE.LV) - Economy Minister Daniels Pavluts is no longer insisting that the electricity market be deregulated for households on September 1.

At the moment, after thoroughly analyzing all factors, Pavluts is not ready to forward the matter of liberalizing the electricity market, which was planned on September 1, to the government. The minister believes that first a solution must be found to reduce the mandatory procurement component, as he points out in an interview with "Diena".

Pavluts believes that the previous decision on deregulating the electricity market for households was made before the government had a full picture of the projected energy subsidy and electricity price increases.

As reported, on February 18, the Cabinet of Ministers' committee approved amendments to the Electricity Market Law, stipulating that the market will be deregulated for households on September 1 this year.

If the amendments are approved by the government, they will be reviewed by Saeima. Also, several associated laws and regulations are to be altered by May 1 this year.
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