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Pavluts denies secretly meeting "Gazprom" representatives

Daniels Pavluts. Photo: LETA.
 RIGA, March 25 - Any speculations about Economy Minister Daniels Pavluts' secret bilateral talks with Gazprom management are lies and the only such meeting was held together with Economy Ministry officials and Latvian embassy representatives, Economy Minister Daniels Pavluts points out in an interview with Nozare.lv.

Pavluts emphasizes that, despite several market players and politicians' opposition, Latvia will continue moving toward gas market liberalization, which is in the interest of consumers and the state.

Despite various attempts to affect and delay liberalization of the Latvian gas market, the Economy Ministry will carry out a purposeful, well-thought-out and gradual process, which will prevent Latvia's dependence on a single gas supplier in the medium term, explains Pavluts. The process will also benefit Latvian consumers and create a stable environment for investments.

In contrast to previous governments, which did not get much further than talks in their gas market liberalization efforts, the Economy Ministry has worked on these matters for the entire 2012, analyzing past decisions, holding several inter-ministerial task force sessions and drafting an informative report for the government, containing a vision of further measures. All activities were carried out in compliance with the government's mandate and in close cooperation with the prime minister, the Foreign Ministry and security services, explains the Economy Ministry.
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