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Extraordinary Freeport of Riga board meeting on Loginovs scheduled for March 25

Leonids Loginovs. Photo: F64.
 RIGA, March 19 - Freeport of Riga board chairman, Riga Vice-Mayor Andris Ameriks (Honor to Serve Riga) today received four board members' applications calling for an extraordinary meeting of the port's board to consider port CEO Leonids Loginovs' suitability for the job; the board's meeting will be held on March 25, as the Riga City Council informed LETA.

Ameriks has already called one meeting of the Freeport of Riga on March 25 to approve recommendations issued by the State Audit Office and a strategy for implementing the recommendations.

Loginovs' suitability will be discussed in a separate Freeport of Riga board meeting on March 25, which will take place about two hours before the other meeting.

As reported, four state representatives on the Freeport of Riga board propose that the State Audit Office's audit report be confirmed during the board meeting, as well as additional measures necessary to launch internal investigation for the evaluation of the port's authority.

On the other hand, Riga City Council representatives on the board of the Freeport of Riga are much more tolerant. Freeport of Riga Authority board member and Riga Mayor Nils Usakovs (Harmony Center) will not support the dismissal of the port's CEO Leonids Loginovs until a conclusion from the Prosecutor General's Office is received regarding the State Audit Office's findings.
The Freeport of Riga board may take a decision if at least six board members participate in the meeting, and at least five vote for a given motion.
State representatives on the Freeport of Riga board are Inga Antane (Reform Party), representing the Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry, Eriks Skapars (Unity) who represents the Finance Ministry, Girts Greiskalns representing the Economy Ministry, and Dzineta Innusa representing the Transport Ministry. The Riga City Council's representatives on the Freeport of Riga board are Ameriks, Usakovs and Riga councilmen Mihails Kameneckis and Vadims Jerosenko (both from Harmony Center).
As reported, the State Audit Office has concluded that the actions of Freeport of Riga's management are not in line with good governance principles and the applicable laws and regulations, as a result, there have been several violations and funding misuse cases and the port has lost more than LVL 41 million altogether in 2009-2011.
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