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Dombrovskis promises to curb sale of land to foreigners

 RIGA, March 8 - During a meeting today with the farmers' organization "Zemnieku saeima", Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis (Unity) said that the government will review proposals in the near future which foresee curbing the sale of agricultural land to foreigners.

''Together with the Agriculture Ministry, we have looked into the experience of other countries on this matter, especially France. At the moment, there are some restrictions when speaking about European regulations, however, there are possibilities in making some decisions that could restrict the sale of agricultural land to foreigners,'' the prime minister said.
Meanwhile, Agriculture Minister Laimdota Straujuma pointed out that the ministry has prepared several proposals on the matter.

''Several restrictions are planned to be implemented. We have also considered France's experience. For example, in France, potential purchasers are agricultural land must present their plans in French, and only then local governments allow them to purchase land,'' the minister said.

She also pointed out that the proposals will be put forward for government review in the near future.
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