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Dombrovskis says gas market liberalization requires well-thought-out implementation

Valdis Dombrovskis.
 RIGA, March 4 - Gas market liberalization is a geopolitical matter, its implementation should be well-thought-out and not based on emotions, Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis (Unity) said in an interview with Latvian State Television this morning.

The Economy Ministry is currently in the process of drafting proposals and analyzing potential scenarios, said the prime minister and promised to thoroughly assess the ministry's report.

Without alternative gas supply opportunities, gas market liberalization will be a mere formality, said Dombrovskis. The prime minister pointed out that, even if Latvia's gas market is liberalized, the country will have to purchase gas from "Gazprom" until 2017.

As reported, last week, a majority of the Saeima Economic, Agricultural, Environmental and Regional Policy Committee agreed to move forward with amendments to the Energy Law, postponing gas market liberalization until Latvia has effective gas connections with third countries other than Estonia, Lithuania and Finland.

If Saeima supports the amendments, gas liberalization in Latvia could be postponed until, for example, a gas pipeline connection with Poland via Lithuania is constructed, which could most likely be 2018.
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