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Latvia registers EU's steepest increase in exports in January-October

Photo: Evija Trifanova/LETA.
 LUXEMBOURG, Jan 15 - In the first ten months of 2012, Latvia's exports increased 15 percent from the respective period in 2011, the steepest increase across the European Union, according to the latest data from the EU's statistical office "Eurostat".

The second largest increase, according to seasonally unadjusted data, was recorded in Lithuania and Greece - 13 percent, followed by Slovakia - 11 percent.
Only one member state recorded a decrease in exports in the first ten months of 2012 - Luxembourg - 4 percent. Romania did no register any changes in its exports in January-October 2012.

Estonia's exports grew 5 percent.

Meanwhile, Latvia's imports grew 14 percent in January-October 2012, the largest increase in the EU.

Bulgaria, Malta and Great Britain recorded 11 percent increases in imports.

The steepest import decreases were registered in Greece - 9 percent, and Cyprus - 8 percent.

Lithuania and Estonia saw 9 percent increases in imports in January-October 2012.
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