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Latvia registers EU's fourth highest industrial production output increase in November 2012

Photo: Ieva Čika/LETA.
 LUXEMBOURG, Jan 14 - Industrial production output in Latvia increased 3.9 percent in November 2012 as compared to November 2011, which was the fourth highest increase in the European Union, according to a report released by the EU statistical office "Eurostat".
Lithuania had the highest increase in industrial production output of 8.9 percent, followed by Estonia - 6.5 percent, and Malta - 6.1 percent.
The largest decreases in industrial production output were registered in Italy (7.6 percent), Spain (7.2 percent) and Ireland (6.6 percent).
In the EU member states for which the data are available, industrial production output in November fell 3.3 percent, including 3.7 percent in the euro area.
Industrial production output increased in five member states and decreased in sixteen.
Compared to October 2012, industrial production output in both the EU and the eurozone fell 0.3 percent. Seven EU member states recorded increases and fourteen decreases in their industrial production output.
The steepest reduction month-on-month was registered in Estonia (4.7 percent), as well as in Latvia and Netherlands (1 percent).
The highest increases were registered in Slovenia (4 percent), Portugal (3.4 percent) and Spain (2.5 percent).
In Lithuania, industrial production output in November 2012 fell 0.7 percent from October.
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