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Businessmen say "Getlini Eko's" tender for construction of waste sorting complex likely to fail

Photo: Diana Lozko/LETA.
 RIGA, Jan 4 - The results of a tender for the construction of a waste sorting facility announced by the waste management company "Getlini Eko" at the end of 2012, will determine whether Latvia will be able to conform with the relevant European Union requirements and avoid hefty penalties, but it may be that no company in Latvia will meet the requirements of the tender, as waste management company "Eko Riga" representative Jana Duhovska and "Vides pakalpojumu grupa" council's chairman, Guntars Kokorevics, informed "Nozare.lv".

According to the European Union's regulations, waste sorting must begin at the "Getlini Eko" landfill in 2015, however, the company's attempts to invite bids from companies willing to provide such services have failed because the tender has been contested every time at the Procurement Monitoring Bureau.

"Getlini Eko" CEO Imants Stirans previously stressed that it was already the third such tender organized by "Getlini Eko", and it would determine Latvia's ability to build the complex on time and meet the EU requirements on sorting of waste.

According to Directive 1999/31/EC on the landfill of waste, waste sorting in Latvia must begin by the summer this year. If this does not happen, the European Commission's penalty on Latvia will be around EUR 20,000 a day from July 16, 2013.

Commenting on prospective bidders who might participate in the tender, Duhovska says that a very small number of companies could meet the tender requirements, and it may well be that no company in Latvia will qualify. Foreign companies, on the other hand, may be unable to meet the deadline for the submission of bids.

Duhovska points out that, under tender requirements, bidders must have the experience of implementing similar projects in the past three years.

Kokorevics also says that, judging from the tender requirements, "Vides pakalpojumu grupa" cannot participate in the tender - and probably no company in Latvia can.
Kokorevics does not believe, however, that the tender regulations are in any specific company's interests. Also, the deadline for bids is February 19 - which means very little time for drawing up bids, given the complexity of the project.

The deadline for the submission of bids should be extended by at least one month, so all bidders and their foreign partners could acquaint themselves with the tender requirements and submit bids that would be in interest of the Riga City Council, believes Duhovska.

Duhovska also says that it is inexplicable why, according to "Getlini Eko" plans, the new facility, which will take two years to build, will be in operation for just ten years.
Janis Vilgerts, chairman of the council at BAO, a co-owner of the "Ekodoktrina" waste management company, says he has not yet acquainted himself with the tender requirements, but it may be that the company does not meet them.

On the other hand, "Getlini Eko" representative Linda Vitola-Baranova says that "Getlini Eko" cannot comment until the tender concludes.

Riga City Council holds a 97.92 percent stake in "Getlini Eko", and the Stopini County Council - 2.08 percent.

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