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"Rigas satiksme's" LVL 25 million contract on routed taxicab services to be signed with companies formerly associated with Brandavs

Photo: Lita Krone/LETA.
 RIGA, Jan 2 - Companies formerly associated with "Honor to Serve Riga" member Aleksandrs Brandavs, board member at the "Rigas karte" company that introduced the e-ticket in Riga, have won Riga municipal public transport company "Rigas satiksme's" tender for providing routed taxicab services in the city, offering to organize the service for LVL 25 million, according to information at the Procurement Monitoring Bureau's website.
The tender has been won by "Rigas mikroautobusu satiksme", an association of four companies: "B-Bus", its subsidiaries "Sabiedriskais autobuss" and "Vidlatauto", as well as company "FPK" that belongs to the "B-Bus" owner Vitalijs Komars, according to "Firmas.lv" data.
Total turnover of the four companies was LVL 1.19 million in 2011.
"B-Bus" was previously called "Blagovest Tur", and Brandavs was one of the co-owners of the company. Right now, Belgium-registered "B-International" is the only owner of "B-Bus".
Overall, two bids were submitted for the tender.
Komarovs told "Nozare.lv" that the company had sufficient experience and would not have any problems with implementing the project. Altogether, about 200 minibuses are to be purchased, and Komarovs said that "Volkswagen" and "Mercedes" dealerships had inquired about the opportunity, and that "Rigas mikroautobusu satiksme" has concluded agreement with "Swedbank" on financing the deal.
Now the company is waiting to sign the contract with "Rigas satiksme". "We know how to work, and we also have Belgian shareholders," emphasized Komarovs.
After the contract is signed, the company will be given eight months to commence the new routed taxicab service, said Komarovs.
At the moment, routed taxicab services in Riga are provided by several companies on the basis of temporary contracts signed with "Rigas satiksme".
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