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"Russian Railways" lauds cooperation with "Latvijas Dzelzcels"

Vladimir Yakunin.
 RIGA, Dec 19  - During an annual meeting in Moscow, dedicated to summarizing the company's performance in 2012, "Russian Railways" President Vladimir Yakunin praised relations and cooperation with "Latvijas Dzelzcels", emphasizing that Russia is highly interested in expanding trade on Eurasian markets and rail transit potential, "Nozare.lv" was informed by "Latvijas Dzelzcels".
"Latvijas Dzelzcels" President Ugis Magonis was also invited to participate in the meeting.
The participation of "Latvijas Dzelzcels" in the annual meeting of "Russian Railways" indicates that "Latvijas Dzelzcels" is a reliable partner and "Russian Railways" will continue to cooperate with the company, pointed out Magonis, in returning to Riga. He emphasized that this cooperation is important and valuable for Latvia since 70 percent of all cargo transported in comes from Russia.
In opening the "Russian Railways" annual meeting, Yakunin admitted that the company has reason to be proud - it leads in cargo transportation volume. He also pointed out that stable growth will only be possible if the company maintains the status of a rail transport and logistics company.
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