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Latvia records EU's highest increase in exports in January-September

LUXEMBOURG, Dec 17 - Latvia's exports in the first nine months this year increased 14 percent from the same period last year - the highest increase in the European Union, according to the EU statistical office "Eurostat" data.

According to seasonally unadjusted data, Latvia's highest increase in exports was followed by Greece with 12 percent and Slovakia and Lithuania on 11 percent each.

Only Romania and Luxembourg recorded reductions in their exports, of 1 percent and 6 percent respectively, whereas Finland's export volume remained unchanged.

Estonia's exports increased 4 percent.

On the other hand, Latvia's imports increased 13 percent in January-September, which was the second highest increase across the EU.

Malta had the biggest increase in imports of 17 percent, whereas Bulgaria and Great Britain registered 11 percent increases.

Imports in Greece fell 13 percent, Cyprus recorded an 8 percent decrease and Italy 6 percent.

Import volume dropped in seven EU member states altogether, and remained unchanged in another five.

Lithuania and Estonia's imports increased 8 percent each.

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