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Latvia records EU's fourth fastest increase in industrial output in October

 LUXEMBOURG, Dec 12 (LETA) - Latvia's industrial output this past October increased 3.1 percent from October 2011, which was the fourth highest increase across the European Union member states, according to the latest report by the EU statistical office "Eurostat".

Lithuania recorded the fastest increase in industrial output of 10.3 percent, followed by Slovakia - 8.1 percent, and Malta - 4.5 percent.

On the other hand, the largest industrial output reductions were registered in Ireland - 16.2 percent, Italy - 6.2 percent, and Bulgaria - 4.2 percent.

Meanwhile, industrial output increased by 0.1 percent in Estonia.

For all EU member states covered in the report, industrial output in October reduced 3.1 percent, whereas eurozone countries recorded a 3.6 percent fall.

Compared to this past September, industrial output in the EU decreased one percent in October, and 1.4 percent in the euro area.

The fastest monthly increases were registered in Portugal - 4.8 percent, Ireland - 2.7 percent, and Poland - 1.9 percent.

Latvia recorded a 0.3 percent reduction in industrial output and Lithuania - 0.4 percent.

The largest decreases were registered in the Estonia - 5.3 percent, the Netherlands - 4.7 percent, and Slovakia - 3.9 percent.
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