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Russian investors display great interest Latvian ports and production industry

Maksim Sokolov and Aivis Ronis. Photo: Lita Krone/LETA.
 RIGA, Dec 10 - Russian investors display great interest in investments in Latvian ports and the manufacturing/production sector, Transport Minister Aivis Ronis told a press conference following his meeting with Russian Transport Minister Maksim Sokolov today.
It is a task for the transport ministries to ensure closer communications and infrastructure development, taking into account the increasing trade volumes between the European Union and Russia, said Ronis.

Sokolov said in turn that both countries' transport systems were operating at full capacity, and further development of infrastructure and removing the existing bottlenecks in various modes of transport would have to be addressed.

Russia will honor its commitments to the World Trade Organization and level out its tariffs for railroad transport to the Baltic countries, including Latvia, Sokolov said, the tariffs will be balanced already next year.

Talking about the aviation sector, the two ministers addressed Russia's decision to introduce visa requirements on European Union crews, and agreed to hold bilateral consultations among both countries' transport ministries and the related services, the Transport Ministry informs.

Speaking at the press conference, Sokolov denied that there were plans to transfer Belarusian export cargo traffic from the Baltic ports to Russian ports. Cargo flows are much like water - following the path of least resistance - and they go to ports that offer the best conditions, he said.
Sokolov said that he had frequent meetings with Ronis, in Moscow and at international events. Ronis also said that Latvian-Russian relations in transport and logistics were traditionally excellent, and cooperation was increasing in aviation, passenger and freight transport. Terehova border crossing's throughput has improved considerably, and roads in Russia are now in much better condition, Ronis said.

As reported, Sokolov arrived on a working visit to Latvia today on an invitation from Ronis.
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