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Dombrovskis urges Azerbaijan to invest in development of logistical centers in Latvian ports

Valdis Dombrovskis. Photo: Ieva Čika.
 RIGA, Nov 30 - During Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis' (Unity) visit to Azerbaijan, the prime minister and Azerbaijani officials discussed several projects, including the development of ports, which could attract Azaerbaijani investments.
Several possible investment projects were discussed, for instance, investments into the development of logistical centers located in several Latvian ports, Dombrovskis said speaking to LETA. The possibility of investments regarding the construction of a liquefied natural gas terminal and reverse gas flows via Poland and Lithuania was also discussed, as well as opportunities for expanding container freight transport to Azerbaijan.
Dombrovskis hopes that his visit will have practical results - businessmen will establish new contacts and find new opportunities. However, the actual results of the visit could be seen in six months or a year, when it will be clear if businessmen will have signed new contracts with Azerbaijani companies and if sales of Latvian companies' products in Azerbaijan will have increased.
During the Azerbaijan visit, Dombrovskis also participated in the opening of Latvian Days in Azerbaijan, presenting Latvian products to the local residents. "Already now, there are quite many Latvian products in Azerbaijani stores. We believe that the Latvian Days will increase their number even more," said Dombrovskis.
As reported, Dombrovskis returns to Latvia today.
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