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Several potential investors have expressed interest in ''airBaltic'' shares

RIGA, Nov 1 - According to the financial consultancy firm Prudentia, several potential investors have expresses interest in purchasing shares in Latvian national airline airBaltic, the Transport Ministry informed the business information portal Nozare.lv.
The Transport Ministry points out that more information on the potential investors will not be released at this moment, as this information is confidential.
As reported, an advertisement placed in the European and British editions of The Financial Times by the Transport Ministry on August 27 invited non-binding expressions of interest by November 1 for a stake of up to 50 percent minus one share in airBaltic.

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ExpatinRiga 13.11.2012
Finally the people in the government do something completely normal and advertise this in an international paper. For once the transportation ministry is actually using internationally accepted business methods to handle one of Latvia's most important resources. Is it possible that the people of Latvia won't get ripped-off again by the ministry that slesers ruined?