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Latvian Post invest considerable funds in modernization project

Photo: pasts.lv
Modernization of post offices, which lasted from the end of 2018 until spring 2019, cost Latvian Post EUR 2.1 million, as reported by the company.

Latvian Post has introduced cash register systems to 411 post offices around the country, modernizing 600 jobs. New equipment meets modern regulations and their functionality is four times above cash register system used in the past – the new cash register system uses modern operational systems and anti-virus software, Latvian Post explains.

With change of their cash register system postal offices are now equipped with the most modern payment card terminals and electronic signature processing devices. Payment card terminals have been replaced in 440 offices. This number is planned to be increased further this year. Electronic signature processing devices have been added to all cash register systems, helping reduce the use of paper in mail issue process, Latvian Post notes.

Total investments in this modernization project exceed EUR 2.1 million.


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