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Latvia’s first solar-powered centralized heating system to be built in Salaspils

Фото: pixabay.com
On 20 March, the foundation for the first solar-powered centralized heating system will be laid in Salaspils. Municipal company Salaspils Siltums has commenced preparations for the installation of 1,720 solar power collectors with a total area of 21,595 m2. This will be one of the largest solar-powered centralized heating systems in Europe, BNN was told by Salaspils Siltums.

As part of this massive project, a field of solar energy collectors will be established along with an accumulation tank that will ensure solar energy can be used as heating energy. In addition to the increase of renewable energy resources, it is also planned to build a new wood chip boiler house.

Salaspils Siltums has managed to grow in record time from a simple post-Soviet boiler house to a world-level heating company. Salaspils has completed modernization of its heating system, which has allowed the transition from natural gas to local renewable energy resources – wood chips, reducing negative influence on the environment.

Salaspils Simtums’ accomplishments have not gone unnoticed outside Latvia and Europe. In 2007 the company received a prestigious Global District Energy Climate Award in the Modernization category.

A time capsule will be encased in concrete for the future generations at 11:00 on Miera Street 21a in Salaspils on 20 March.


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