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Food Union presents new Kārums curd cheese snacks; invests EUR 625,000

Publicity photo.
Milk processing concern Food Union has invested EUR 625,000 in the production of a new line of Kārums curd cheese snacks, as confirmed by the company.

«The concern has expanded the range of Kārums products with a new category. For the first time, we have produced new curd cheese snacks with filling and Belgian chocolate icing. We have created three new types of Kārums curd cheese snacks,» Food Union representatives say.

Food Union marketing director Ieva Ražinska notes: ‘The new curd cheese snacks with chocolate icing are the beginning for new products in this category, as well as other types of snack, which we plan to continue developing.’

In 2017, Food Union’s turnover was EUR 115.9 million. Additionally, the turnover of Rīgas piena kombināts and its subsidiary Valmieras piens was EUR 82.4 million. The turnover of Rīgas piensaimnieks was EUR 33.5 million.


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