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EUR 380,000 invested in sewage treatment facilities of Ādažu Čipsi factory

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Planning in a long-term perspective and investing in solutions to reduce influence of industrial processes on the environment, Latvia’s leading chocolate, confectioneries and snacks manufacturer Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Latvija has invested EUR 380,000 in new and improved water treatment facilities at Ādažu Čipsi factory to help reduce pollution in sewage water and improve water treatment quality.

In 2018, Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Latvija commenced planned development for sustainability by coming up with a strategy that provides a requirement to work in accordance with responsible, ethical and stable development principles across the entire supply chain – from production to delivery of products to stores.

This year the company commenced implementing developed strategy by investing in water treatment facility at Ādažu Čipsi factory. Additionally, the company intends to stop using palm oil in production of potato chips. Sunflower oil will be used instead.

Since 2012 Ādažu Čipsi has doubled production output volumes, manufacturing more than 5,000 tonnes of potato chips and other salty snacks for Ādažu Čipsi, Taffel the Original Snacks brands and other private brands. New water treatment facilities will help reduce sewer water pollution and ensure development of additional production capacity.


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