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Freight and passenger transports up in Latvia

Photo: Riga Freeport
Compared to the same nine-month period of 2017, the volume of freights carried by land and via pipelines increased by 7.6 million tonnes or 8.6 % and freight turnover rose by 5.4 % in January–September 2018.

The volume of freights carried by rail grew by 2.8 million tonnes or 8.4 %, and freight turnover increased by 15.7 %. The volume of freights carried by road increased by 5.4 million tonnes or 10.6 %, whereas freight turnover fell by 1.7 %. Both the volume of oil products transported via main oil products pipeline and freight turnover dropped by 23.4 %, according to data from the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia.

During the January–September 2018, freights transported to and from Latvian ports accounted for 48.7 million tonnes, – a rise of 2.1 %, compared to the nine months of 2017. Freight turnover at the port of Riga constituted 26.7 million tonnes (4.8 % more than in the nine months of 2017), the indicator at the port of Ventspils comprised 15.1 million tonnes (drop of 7 %), at the port of Liepāja 5.5 million tonnes (rise of 16.2 %), and at minor ports 1.4 million tonnes (increase of 12.8 %).

Compared to the nine months of 2017, the volume of freights shipped from the Latvian ports dropped by 0.2 % and constituted 42 million tonnes of freight. The volume of coal loaded onto ships went up by 0.6 million tonnes or 4.1 %, volume of timber by 41.8 %, while volume of freights in containers and roll on/ roll off by 11.7 % and 14.8 %, respectively. Shipping of oil products fell by 2.2 million tonnes or 19.3 %.

The volume of freights received at ports rose by 19.8 %. The volume of unloaded freights in containers did not change (slight drop of 0.2 %), volume of roll on/ roll off grew by 9.5 % and volume of unloaded oil products by 13.3 %.

Riga International Airport received and shipped 18.9 thousand tonnes of cargo, which is 14.8 % more than in January–September 2017.

During the nine months of 2018, the number of passengers carried by land passenger transport comprised 179.9 million, which is 0.3 % less than in January–September 2017.

The number of passengers carried by rail went up by 4.6 %, while the number of passengers carried by regular bus traffic lines and urban electric transport fell by 0.4 % and 1.2 %, respectively.

The number of passengers arrived at and departed from Latvian ports with ferries accounted for 833.7 thousand, which is 8.3 % more than in the nine months of 2017.

The number of passengers who arrived at the Riga Passenger Terminal via cruise ships constituted 74.7 thousand – 10.5 % less than in the corresponding period of the previous year.

The number of passengers arriving at and departing from the Riga International Airport accounted for 5.4 million, which is 16.8 % more than in January–September of the previous year.


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