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Incukalns gas storage facility could be a central element in regional LNG terminal

 RIGA, Oct 30 - Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis believes that the Incukalns gas storage facility will be one of the central elements in the regional liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal.
However, he did admit that it is likely the terminal itself will not be located in Latvia.
After a meeting with Baltic and Nordic prime ministers in Helsinki today, Dombrovskis told members of the press that the European Commission's conclusion on where the most suitable place to construct the regional LNG gas terminal must be awaited, so to understand how to move forward with this project.
At the same time, he emphasized that Latvia already has the necessary infrastructure, and that Latvia already supplies Lithuania, Estonia and even St Petersburg with gas from the Incukalns gas storage facility.
At the same time, he also mentioned Lithuania, which has begun construction of its own LNG terminal, which will certainly also influence the regional LNG project.
Meanwhile, Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip said that the location of the regional LNG terminal is not the most important. ''It is more important for us to receive cheaper gas,'' Ansip said.
He said that Estonian is prepared to accept the most suitable location for the construction terminal - whether that is Lithuania, Latvia, Finland or Estonia. He said that is Estonia is selected, it will be ready to implement this project.
As reported, a consulting firm hired by the European Commission has recommended choosing Estonia for construction of the Baltic LNG terminal, on condition that Finland joins the project.
According to the "Booz&Company" consulting firm, a gas connection between Estonia and Finland would give Estonia the edge over Latvia and Lithuania.
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