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Court recognizes Lipmans' right to 11.5% of "Liepajas metalurgs" shares

Kirov Lipman/LETA.
 RIGA, May 2 - Today, the Riga Regional Court recognized Kirovs Lipmans' property rights to 11.5 percent of "Liepajas metalurgs" shares in his dispute with the company's shareholder, Sergejs Zaharjins.

The full verdict will be available on May 16. Zaharjins will have 20 days to appeal it in the Supreme Court.

The verdict must be carried out in ten days. When this happens, Lipmans will have 35 percent of "Liepajas metalurgs" shares.

The verdict will be appealed, Zaharjins' representatives pointed out after today's session.

Lipmans' representative Pavels Rebenoks in turn called on Zaharjins to think more about the company instead of appealing the verdict, pointing out that Zaharjins should sit down at the negotiating table to solve the problems.

"Justice has triumphed and Zaharjins will have to return my shares," said Lipmans. He pointed out that these shares were temporarily given to Zaharjins to hold talks on attracting funds to the factory's modernization, expressing regret that Zaharjins acted dishonorably and tried to keep them at any cost.
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