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Diena: ex-minister plans to build a pharmaceutical factory in Uzbekistan

Guntis Belēvičs/flickr.com.
The newly founded company SVC Group, which belongs to the now former Healthcare Minister of Latvia Guntis Belēvičs and deputy chairman of Latvijas gaze, chairman of Itera Latvija and Dinami Riga council Juris Savicskis, plans to build a pharmaceutical factory in Uzbekistan, as reported by Diena.

The newspaper reports that a memorandum of understanding has been signed with with Jizzakh Governorate in Uzbekistan for the construction of the pharmaceutical factory in the region’s free economic zone.

«Mr. Savickis has a great deal of experience with realizing projects in this region. Just last year he built a large gas-powered power station in Uzbekistan last year. Our new project is of similar scale. I mean a similarly-sized project in the pharmaceutical industry, but not the kind of company that produces medicine. What I mean is a pharmaceutical chemical factory that would produce raw materials for factories that do produce ready-made medicine for the domestic market and for exports to other countries. We plan to build a chemical factory with Good Manufacturing Practices certificate. This certificate allows supplying products to factories in Germany or Latvia’s Grindeks or Olainfarm,» Belēvičs told Diena.

He also mentioned that the pharmaceutical factory will also produce active substances that would be used in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of ready-made medicines whose patent protection term is over. Once the factory is complete it will be able to produce original products as well.

When asked if construction plans in Central Asia do not conflict with Belēvičs’ plans to become chairman of the board of Olainfarm, the ex-minister said no. «Not the slightest bit. The law states quite clearly in which companies I am allowed to serve as an official, and if I accept the post offered to me, I have to declare the shares I own in the company,» he said.

SVC Group was registered 9 February 2018. Savickis owns 70% of shares there, whereas Belēvičs and Aija Rumba own 15% each. The company’s base capital is EUR 100,000.



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