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Competition Council prepares guidelines for admitting guilt and avoiding punishment for cartel members

Ыkaidrite Аbrama/Latvia’s Competition Council Chairwoman/kp.gov.lv.
Latvia’s Competition Council has developed guidelines that offer cartel members ways to report violations to authorities and avoid punishments.

If a company submits an application as part of the Leniency Programme, it can become eligible to be either relieved of monetary penalty entirely or be applied with a reduced fine and prohibition to participate in procurements for a whole year, BNN was informed by the council.

«The Leniency Programme is an important tool for uncovering competition rights violations and ensuring development of a fair competition environment. To improve businessmen’s and their representatives’ understanding of what the programme stands for and motivate businesses involved in violations return to honest principles, CC has developed guidelines that offer comprehensive and practical explanations about the programme, its application principles and the work performed by the institution,» says the council.

The institution notes that businesses involved in cartel agreements can become eligible for full relief of monetary fines only if they are the first to report violations to the institution and if CC lacks this information to begin with.

«If the institution already has information about the violation, the company has still apply for certain opportunities offered by the Leniency programme by providing additional information. In exchange, the company will be provided a reduced fine amount (-50%). It is also important to mention that the Leniency Programme also provides relief of the year-long prohibition from taking part in procurements,» the council explains.

Readiness to cooperate with CC is especially important in the context of the Leniency Programme. At the same time, before submitting an application for participation in the Leniency Programme, CC provides an opportunity for representatives of companies to have informal consultations. Meetings are confidential and it is not necessary to reveal the company’s name and any specific circumstances.


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