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SRS uncovered violations in 169 inspections at catering companies last year

Photo: pixabay.com.
In 2017, the State Revenue Service (SRS) performed a total of 989 inspections at 212 catering companies. This includes 182 thematic inspections for 125 taxpayers. Violations were uncovered in 169 inspections. The most common violation was manipulation with cash registers, according to information published by SRS.

During thematic inspections, 78 taxpayers had submitted additional and clarifying information for their declarations, paying an additional amount of EUR 99,500 to the state budget. This includes EUR 65,500 in the form of state social insurance contributions and EUR 18,000 in the form of VAT.

Fines worth a total of EUR 122,700 were applied in 91 cases for uncovered violations in accordance with Latvian Code of Administrative Violations.

In two inspections SRS found that catering companies had been using a cash register, a hybrid cash register and a specialized device with interchangeable structure or software that was used to hide or reduce the actual amount of paid taxes and duties. SRS applied a fine of EUR 599,700.

Eight tax audits were performed at catering companies, ensuring an additional contribution of EUR 332,200 for the state budget.

Nine decisions in regards to halting economic activities of catering companies were made last year.

SRS especially mentions that repeated inspections were performed in 57 restaurants in Riga and Jurmala in summer of 2017. To collect information about taxpayers’ actual income, SRS officers visited said restaurants two to three times a day, recording the number of employees and turnover each time.

A total of 502 inspections were performed in 57 restaurants. Officers also performed 73 monitoring activities and 26 thematic inspections. Results in those companies show that both the number of employees and turnover had increased in November 2017 when compared with the same month of the previous year.

In 2017, SRS Tax Control Office focused more on taxpayers from specific industries – car traders and catering service providers.


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