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Association: Latvians have access to more than one-third of blocked internet gambling sites

Photo: pixabay.com.
Approximately 35% of unlicensed gambling websites are accessible from Latvia. As for theoretically blocked websites, it is possible to access around 43% of them, according to results of an experiment performed by Latvian Association of Gaming Business (LAGB).

The association invites authorities to act in order to prevent this situation.

The study performed by the association shows that efforts meant to combat access to unlicensed interactive gambling services is not effective enough. Such a situation contributes to grey economy and creates risks for players, the association notes.

«Organizers of unlicensed gambling in Latvia do not pay taxes at all. With that, a considerable amount of money misses the state budget. Even though amendments have been added to the country’s legislation over the years, measures remain too ineffective in spite of gambling monitoring institutions’ efforts to sort this industry. This situation must not be allowed to continue,» said LAGB chairman Ģirts Ludeks.

The chairman mentioned that players are the ones who are protected the least, because unlicensed gambling organizers are not monitored by any supervisory institutions. This means no one can guarantee personal data security or ensure protection against fraud.

«A person who participated in gambling at an unlicensed website in Latvia and was swindled, has no way to recover lost money – turnover of such businesses is very hard to trace. I invite every gambler to carefully evaluate gambling websites before using them. This includes ensuring their services are licenced in Latvia,» said Ludeks.


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