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Farmers’ Saeima: gardening industry is currently at risk

Photo: pixabay.com.
Because of poor climatic conditions, the last two seasons in Latvia have been especially heavy for gardeners. Looking at the current situation, members of the Farmers Saeima have sent a letter to the prime minister and agriculture minister with a request to support Latvian vegetable and fruit growers.

«To preserve the economic and sustainability of this important industry, as well as provide Latvian consumers with an opportunity to buy vegetables and fruits, we ask the prime minister and agriculture minister to assess the situation and come up with a possible support mechanism for gardening sector. Not just this year, but the previous one as well was difficult for vegetable growers,» said chairman of Farmers Saeima association Juris Lazdiņš.

He notes that the reason for that is not the lack of knowledge or experience, but rather climate change, limited harvests and storage capacity. Vegetable-growing areas in Latvia have a tendency to reduce. Under complicated climatic conditions, it is possible some gardeners may reduce their production or cease production activities completely.

The Farmers Saeima also emphasizes that the influence of conditions dictated by the climate and the market puts the gardening sector in Latvia at risk. «With the new season coming up, farmers have to procure seeds and other resources, which require considerable investments. Many gardeners will likely experience considerable difficulties starting a new season. Support for the sector is vital for its survival.»


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