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Alcohol industry to adopt social responsibility symbols on labels

Photo: pixabay.com.
More than 60% of all labels of wine and other strong alcoholic beverages purchasable in Latvia will be added with a special social responsibility symbols, reminding residents of responsible consumption of alcohol, BNN was informed by Latvian Alcohol Industry Association (LAIA).

This is an initiative of the industry and is not associated with any legislative requirements.

LAIA CEO Dāvis Vītols: «Back labels of bottles containing wine and other alcoholic beverages in Latvia will be added with warning messages for pregnant women and drivers about the dangers of consuming alcohol. Members of our association will begin replacing labels with new ones at the beginning of 2018. This will ensure more than half of alcoholic beverages sold in Latvia have new labels and warning signs by the end of the year. We hope other industry players join LAIA’s initiative.»

The association believes that by adding warning symbols to labels LAIA adopts the best European and world self-regulatory practices. European Barometer data for 2010 showed that 79% of European residents agree that warnings for pregnant women and drivers are welcome. Although there is no legislative requirement for it, Latvian industry decided to realize this initiative on its own.

Institute of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability manager Dace Helmane: «Any industry’s ability to unite for common initiatives is welcome, especially if it is aimed at consumer security and protection of their rights.»


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