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Latvia’s economy reaches highest peak since 2015

Residents’ mood has improved for most positions of the study. Residents were positive the most about ongoing changes for Latvia’s economy, the value of which has reached its peak since July 2015. In spite of optimistic changes, however, 30% of respondents are critical about ongoing economic changes in Latvia, according to results of the latest Baltic International Bank’s Latvian Barometer.

According to the study, positive changes have been noticed for residents’ evaluation of Latvia’s general development (+4) and government’s work (+4). Although evaluation has improved in both indexes, half of respondents think the situation in Latvia is currently developing in the wrong direction. 73% of respondents were critical of the government’s work, whereas only 21% had positive things to say.

The index for evaluation of their family’s financial state has not changed at all over the course of the month. 30% of respondents are dissatisfied with it. Only 12% of respondents view their family’s financial state as positive. When asked if their family’s financial state has changed in the past year, 20% of respondents mentioned that it has improved. 10% of respondents mentioned their financial state has gotten worse over the course of the year.

Over the course of the month, outlooks for the present and future have improved by three points. Results, however, cannot be considered satisfying – although the general mood of the public has grown from -20 to -18, it remains pessimistic.


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