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60,860 passengers were carried by Tallink between Riga and Stockholm

Estonian ferry operator Tallink Group carried 60,860 passengers from Riga to Stockholm and back in December 2017, which is 19.5% more than it did in the same month of 2016, according to information submitted by Tallink to the exchange.

Compared with December 2016, the number of carries passengers had increased in all of Tallink’s market segments. In total, the number of passengers carried by company’s ferries reached 815,255, which is 6.2% more than a year ago.

In addition, the number of passengers carried between Estonia and Sweden had grown by 6.6% in December, reaching 86,537. Transport services between Estonia and Finland offered by Tallink were used by 435,511 passengers in December, which is 5.5% more than in December 2016. The number of passengers carried between Finland and Sweden in December was 232,347, which is an increase of 4.3%.

Freight volume carried by Tallink in December, when compared with the same month a year ago, grew 10% – to 28,315 units. The number of carried vehicles owned by passengers grew 0.6% – to 87,672 units.

In Q4 2017, Tallink carried a total of 2,316,144 passengers, which is 4% more when compared with October-December period of 2016. 167,053 passengers were carried between Riga and Stockholm, which is 26.9% more than in the same period a year ago.

The number of passengers carried between Estonia and Finland increased 2.6% when compared with Q4 2016, reaching 1,217,468, whereas the number of passengers carried by Tallink between Finland and Sweden reached 694,884 (1.4% more). A 6.1% increase was registered for passenger transports between Estonia and Sweden.


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