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Riga Black Balsam enters the market in US

Publicity photo.
Riga Black Balsam brand has begun exploring the market in the United States of America. Exploration of the market commenced with New York, followed up by a presentation of Riga Black Balsam in Texas, Florida, San Francisco and Illinois in 2018, as reported by the company’s representatives.

«The brand’s start in USA kicked off loudly – the presentation event dedicated to the legendary beverage was covered by media giants like Forbes, Maxim, Men’s Health, The Manual and beverage culture guide Supercall. The event was also attended by dozens of famous New York bartenders. We have managed to highlight balsam’s position in New York and inform industry professionals about the brand’s availability and ambitions in USA,» says Riga Black Balsam global brand director Māris Kalniņš.

«The balsam has great potential; its realization on big markets is associated with two global trends. One of them is that balsam is master-crafted. The other is that the balsam has a wide range of combinations. Our balsam is a great component for different cocktails flavour-wise,» says Māris Kalniņš.

American consumers are already able to try out the original Riga Black Balsam, as well as blackcurrant flavour variant. Kalniņš also says that a new beverage that has already reached record-high popularity in Latvia will be presented in USA next year – Riga Black Balsam with cherry flavour.


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