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Programme: introduction of ‘honest’ taxi counters is stuck

Taxi drivers that had to replace their counters as far back as 15 October, continue delaying the process, as reported by De Factor with reference to State Revenue Service.

SRS Tax Control Office’s director Sandra Kārkliņa-Ādmine told LTV in an interview that many tax drivers have yet to comply with conditions to meet requirements for the introduction of a mild regime for counters: «Nothing is happening at the moment. We’ve heard different rumours that many do not want to change anything and instead wait for some miracle and some other counters.»

The programme reminds that SRS ordered replacement of taxi counters this year. Taxi companies were to introduce newly certified counters, specifically ones that are impossible to manipulate. Only one counter model so far has passed tests. Taxi company managers, meanwhile, complain about lack of choice and funding to afford them. At the beginning of October, representatives of taxi companies organized a massive protest outside of SRS. Talks with representatives lasted until sunrise. A compromise was reached – drivers were allowed to install counters on a later date.

Two more counter models have been submitted for approval – one of them was produced by Genādijs Aksjonovs’ firm and the other was produced by businessmen who were mentioned by a representative by Riga City Council Traffic Department during an experiment by Aizliegtais paņēmiens programme as «counter manipulation» specialists two years ago.

De Facto notes that the firm in question [SIA Mikom] is already found insolvent. Its owners, meanwhile, have founded a new company at the same address – SIA MTS Service.

Journalists say the counter submitted for certification allows for revoking receipts after the trip – current regulations allow that. The State Revenue Service now works on clarifying requirements.


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