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Latvian Post offers 29 pieces of property at open auction

Photo: pasts.lv.
Latvian Post has put up 29 unused or unnecessary pieces of property at an ascending-bid auction. The lowest initial price is for pieces of property, land and construction-intended pieces of land in Riebiņi County – EUR 970. The highest price is noted for land and buildings in Riga – EUR 187,000.

Currently it is possible to purchase 29 pieces of real estate owned by Latvian Post. This includes land, houses or parts of buildings: two are available in Riga, six in Kurzeme, nine in Latgale, seven in Vidzeme, and five in Zemgale, BNN was informed by the company.

Location of pieces of property, their potential use and prices vary. For example, the lowest initial price is reported for a piece of property in Latgale, whereas the highest is set for a piece of property in Riga. Applications for participation in auctions will be accepted until 8 December 2017.

Latvian Post has begun disposing of its unused pieces of real estate property in public auctions. In the last five years, Latvian Post has sold around 60 of its owned pieces of property.


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