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Prime Minister: railway electrification programme will likely have to the narrowed

The current railway electrification project would mean funding from the state budget, which is not possible. Because of that, it is necessary to consider narrowing the programme, said Latvian Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis in an interview to Rīta panorama.

He said that the current railway electrification project is too expensive and there is no way it would be financed using taxpayers’ money.

«The electrification project has to be narrowed down, because the current situation in Latvia does not force taxpayers to pay for railway projects,» said the prime minister.

He explains that it is not possible to pull money from the state budget to finance the electrification project. Transport Ministry has been ordered to come up with new proposals.

The prime minister does allow electrification of the country’s railway for passenger transport services.

At the same time, he admits it would be better if Latvian and Belarusian transit industries agreed on electrification, which would assist with attraction of cargoes from China.

As it is known, the planned costs of the first stage of the railway electrification project exceed half a billion euros. Co-funding from the Cohesion Fund exceeds EUR 346 million.


At the moment, only 14% of Latvia’s railway network stands electrified, which is significantly below the average index in the European Union – 55%.

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