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SRS: 5,028 applications received for participation in tax support activities

Ever since the beginning of the tax support project, Latvia’s State Revenue Service has received 5,028 applications. 2,877 decisions on application of tax support activities for a total amount of EUR 27,289,361.63 have been made so far.

2,253 private and 2,775 legal persons have applied for tax support activities so far. The decision to apply tax support activities has been made in the case of 1,431 private persons for a total amount of EUR 2,975,868.47 and 1,466 legal persons for a total amount of EUR 24,313,493.16. The total amount includes the debt, missed tax payments and penalties, according to information compiled by SRS.

SRS reminds that any person with tax debt can apply before 2 January 2018 for tax support activities at the service. «In accordance with tax support activities, penalties will be written off once the person pays off their tax debt. Support activities are open for private persons and businessmen. Tax support activities apply to all forms of taxes, except for real estate and solidarity tax,» SRS representatives explain.

Legal persons can fill in the application and send it to SRS Electronic Declaration System, whereas private persons are also able to submit applications in person by coming to any SRS customer service centre.

At the same time, representatives mention that taxpayers who want to pay their debt or accumulated penalty can also clarify that through EDS. Private persons that are not EDS users are able to acquire information about their debt by contacting an SRS specialist, who will provide all necessary information in a letter.

SRS also says it is possible to divide the debt into monthly instalments. Payment terms can be expended up to 24 months, but no more than 31 December 2019.

It should also be said that the decision regarding application or rejection of tax support activities is made by SRS within 21 days after receiving the application.


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