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Latvian state allocates EUR 30 million for winter season road maintenance

Latvian government has decided to allocate EUR 30 million to Latvian State Roads for road maintenance during the winter season, as confirmed by LVC chairman Jānis Lange in an interview to Rīta Panorāma programme of LTV.

He reminds that it is high time for cars to be fitted with winter tires. Drivers are also advised to be extra careful because certain roads in Latvia may be slippery.

Lange says LVC has more than 600 road maintenance units. It is also possible to follow the state of roads in Latvia and work performed by maintenance units online, using the tool on the official website.

Funding allocated for road maintenance this year is similar to that of previous years – approximately EUR 30 million. Lange did not say, however, if this allocated funding is enough to cover all needs.

As it is known, Latvijas autoceļu uzturētājs starts non-stop shifts from 1 November onward. Until then, the company follows developments on state roads.

All equipment and machines are prepared and kept well-maintained to commence work in winter. 643 winter machines are ready to go. Salt stores are estimated at 46,000 tonnes, whereas stores of salt-sand mixture are around 15,000 tonnes.

This week, there will be an informative conference organized in Riga to report on planned winter road maintenance work.


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