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What will be the consequences for companies that cheated with electricity production permits

Arvils Ašeradens/flickr.com/Saeima.
Businesses that were caught using fake permits for electricity production in mandatory procurements will not have their permits extended, says Latvian Economy Minister Arvils Ašeradens.

The minister says the matter regarding mandatory procurement component is a fundamental problem. «MPC system was formed in such a way that its introduction was not monitored. On top of that, all kinds of surprises appeared later down the line. This is why I have ordered Construction State Control Office to ask construction supervisors to voice their position on supervision of those objects and check their function. An administrative base has been formed and BVKB inspectors have performed inspections at two or three stations,» said the minister.

During the planned week of inspection, it is planned to visit the following companies: SIA Briedis būve, SIA Madonas Eko, SIA Tektus, SIA M parks, SIA E Strenči, SIA E Seda, SIA Elektro rīdzene, and SIA Rīgas enerģija.

The minister allows that these companies have yet to commence energy production. «It is clear that they have yet to commence energy production. If a container is rented and carried to an open field after being taken to other fields, it cannot be qualified as start of production,» says Ašeradens.

He explains that to receive a permit for production of electricity within mandatory production, companies have to complete two conditions – commence production of electricity and only then receive support. «However, we have found that production has yet to commence. This is why I have ordered inspections at all stations in which violations have been discovered so far to check the actual situation and decide what should be done. One thing is clear – permit will not be extended,» said the minister.

The situation with Rīgas enerģija, according to the minister, is «much more complicated».

«Unlike the situation with the aforementioned companies, a diesel generator was brought here. It has been connected to the system and named a functioning station. I talked with Interior Minister Rihards Kozlovskis today. An application to law enforcement institutions will be written in association with this situation. It is clear there is no relation to the object’s commissioning,» admits Ašeradens.

On Sunday, 15 October, Latvian economy minister contacted the management of Latvenergo. According to available information, certain Sadales tīkls officials have been dismissed.


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