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Latvian unemployment decreases to 6.6%

The rate of registered nationwide unemployment in Latvia decreased by 0.3 percentage points in September to 6.6%, estimated the Latvian Employment State Agency.

In early September, the 63 717 unemployed persons had been registered in the agency. By the end of first month of autumn, the number was lower by 2,256 workers.

Regionally, the lowest employment rate in the end of September was in greater Riga, 4.2%, with the highest traditionally being in Latgale, 15.7%. Kurzeme region in western Latvia had 7.2% of its workforce unemployed, while the north-eastern region of Vidzeme – 7.1% and the south-central region of Zemgale – 6%.

In late September 2016, the nationwide rate of registered unemployment in Latvia was 7.9%.


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