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Ozoliņš: transit and logistics industries should communicate more actively

Photo: Riga Free Port.
Mutual communication and information exchange among businesses working in the industry is the pre-condition for improvement of Latvia’s transit industry, said Transport Ministry’s state secretary Kaspars Ozoliņš at a meeting of the Logistics Council.

The Logistics Council discussed the situation in the transit and logistics industry, as well as predictions and proposals for improving competitiveness.

Council members (Latvian Post, Riga International Airport, Ventspils Freeport, Transit Business Association, Liepaja Special Economic Zone, Latvian Auto, Baltic Association – Transport and Logistics, Riga Freeport and LDz Logistics) provided topical information about the situation in different businesses, work and plans for attraction of cargoes and different problematic matters and external influence.

It is emphasized that the situation in which Russian cargoes – mostly coal and oil products – have a tendency to decline has to be taken into account. This forces businesses to concentrate their efforts on alternative cargo segments and new markets.

It was noted at the meeting that there is a number of positive tendencies forming for the increase of container and Ro-Ro cargoes at ports, as well as development of cargo transports in aviation and e-commerce cargoes’ growth passing through Latvian Post in transit.

Ozoliņš noted that Transport Ministry’s attachés have started working in Latvia’s embassies in Russia and Kazakhstan. He proposed businesses working in the industry to communicate with them to ensure effective and purposeful cooperation with Russian and Kazakh businesses to attract new cargoes.

The council also discussed the active work performed by the ministry’s advisor in China, which has brought benefits on a political level and for mutual meetings among businessmen to form cooperation on all kinds of levels. Latvijas dzelzceļš also has an office in Belarus. Businessmen are invited to use its potential because Belarus is an important transit industry partner.

It should be said that Transport Ministry’s Transit Policy Department director Andris Maldups informed participants of the meeting about performed and planned international activities in 2017. «Important international level activities have taken place since the last meeting of the Logistics Council – forums and expos, at which Latvia presented its transit corridor’s advantages,» said Maldups.

Inga Antāne, president of Baltic Association – Transport and Logistics, informed members of the meeting about the association’s developed action plan.

LDz Logistics chairman Verners Lūsis submitted topical information about accomplishments and plans for organization of container trains from China and other markets.


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