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Latvia disagrees with proposal to reduce cod and herring fishing volumes in the Gulf of Riga

On Wednesday, 13 September, minister Jānis Dūklavs met with NGOs at Agriculture Ministry’s Fishing Advisory Council meeting and discussed with them European Commission’s proposal for fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea in 2018.

EC’s proposal for fishing opportunities would affect Latvia the most negatively in relation to eastern cod (project suggests a 28% reduction) and herring (7%). There is also a principal matter regarding the prohibition of eel fishing. Latvia does not agree with those proposals.

Agriculture Ministry notes that eastern cod does not require application of fishing volume reduction in 2018. EC does not propose applying restrictions for western cod, which has not experienced any major changes in recent years. With that, Agriculture Ministry proposes applying a similar approach to both.

«There is no information to suggest volumes of eastern herring have reduced significantly to warrant such a strong reduction – 28%. Cod volumes in the Gulf of Riga are in good shape as well. Agriculture Ministry believes there is no reason to apply the reduction in 2018,» the ministry says.

At the same time, it is mentioned that the prohibition on eel fishing was discussed on neither the regional Baltfish platform nor the public EU Council work group. With that, Latvia invites halting this proposal for now until it is approved on the level of all affected member states, especially considering that a prohibition on eel fishing in the Baltic Sea will not limit eel fishing in other regions.

After the discussion with NGOs, it was decided to increase support finances for participants in measures of three action plans for development of fishing in 2014-2020.


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