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Cargo volumes transshipped by Ventspils port terminals exceed last month’s results

Photo: twitter.com/@Brivosta.
In August 2017, terminals working at Ventpsils port transshipped at total of 1.5 million tonnes of cargoes. This year’s cargo turnover, on the other hand, has reached 15 million tonnes, which exceeds last year’s volume by 17%, as reported by ventspilnieks.lv.

Data published by Ventspils Freeport authority show that cargo turnover in a monthly perspective was 1.5 million, which is 0.3 million tonnes more than July and 0.1 million tonnes less than June. In July, Ventspils port terminals transshipped 1.2 million tonnes of cargoes (1.6 million in June).

Indexes achieved in August exceed results of the same month of 2016.

Baltic Association – Transport and Logistics and companies part of it played a major role in the increase of cargo turnover at Ventspils port. Balance looks moderately successful numerically. Nevertheless, companies are very cautious about the future.

As noted by the freeport, the biggest increase when compared with last year was noted for stone coal and Ro-Ro cargoes. Cargoes and passengers carried by Stena Line ferries also continue growing. The ferry line between Ventspils and Nynäshamn in Sweden was used by 29,941 passengers or 27% more than last year. The volume of Ro-Ro cargoes carried by this ferry line has increased 230,000 tonnes or 20%.


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