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Karins: Europe’s electricity market is obstructed by mandatory procurements

Krisjanis Karins/flickr.com/epp group.
«Currently Europe’s electricity market is obstructed by too many and too different support mechanisms, mandatory procurements and existing barrier for trade between member states. As a result, competition is distorted and consumers are forced to pay more,» says MEP Krisjanis Karins.

The European Parliament notes that Karins will take part in the 12th German Energy Congress in Munich. Discussions will be held at this congress to address the upcoming energy policy changes in the European Union.

According to Karins, new electricity market composition legislative drafts provide for the establishment of a truly unified electricity market in the European Union, strengthening competition and reducing costs for residents at the same time.

Karins, as the one responsible for legislative projects for the establishment of Europe’s electricity market in the European Parliament, will show participants of the congress the new legislation and EP’s position in relation to the future of the union’s energy market.

As it is known, European Commission presented a set of guidelines for the new energy policy in November 2016. This marked the final stage for the creation of new energy legislation for the European Union.

This upcoming conference in Munich will be attended by experts, legislators and representatives of the largest companies active in the energy sector from all over Europe. The conference will be opened by Germany’s State Secretary for energy affairs Rainer Baake.


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