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More than 3 000 passengers go on Tallink's Finland-Latvia test cruise

Estonian shipping company Tallink has performed its test cruise in the route Helsinki-Riga-Helsinki, which has had over 3 000 passengers.

Estonian public broadcaster ERR reports that the first test run of a Helsinki-Riga cruise route, served by the cruise ferry MS Silja Europa, departed from Helsinki on Sunday evening and returned to Finland on Tuesday afternoon.

According to Tallink Silja spokesperson Marika Nöjd as quoted by Finnish newspaper Iltalehti and ERR the ship has a capacity of 3,300 passengers and that all cabins were sold out.

BNN reported previously that the Estonian ferry and cruise company Tallink was testing this week the interest of passengers to take a cruise trip from Helsinki to Riga.

Speaking about the prospects to maintain the Helsinki-Riga route, Tallink Grupp’s sales and marketing director, Margus Hunt, has said: «We also believe that there is no market for a permanent route. It has to be taken into account that the trip doesn’t allow for passengers to unload their cars in Riga, basically passengers are able to park their cars on the ship for convenience».


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