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Zeltins: Riga Freeport has to reduce its dependence on bulk cargoes

Ansis Zeltins/ldz.lv.
Riga Freeport Authority should work on diversifying cargoes and reducing dependence on bulk cargoes, said the newly-appointed CEO of Riga Freeport Ansis Zeltins in an interview Rīta Panorāma of LTV.

He notes that in the ten years the port has to prove its ability to develop. «We have to work hard to diversify cargo, so that we are able to increase the influx of container and general cargoes, as well as reduce dependence on bulk cargoes. The port has this potential from a logistical and infrastructure point of view,» said Zeltins.

At the same time, he notes that this is not about the possible reduction of bulk cargoes, but rather the change in proportion of cargoes handled by the port.

He also says the fact that Russia has started developing its ports is nothing new. «This risk has to be considered. At the same time, Riga port has many advantages when it comes to distance and logistics,» said Zeltins.

He also said the transit route connecting west with east has always existed. In addition, active work to attract cargoes from China continues. «It is not an easy process, nor is it a quick process. Nevertheless, we all have to work together,» said Zeltins.

The newly-appointed CEO predicts growth for the port in the near future.

BNN had previously reported that Riga Freeport Authority unanimously approved Ansis Zeltins as the new CEO for the Freeport last week.


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