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Farmers: crop yield this year will be positive thanks to weather

In Zemgale, crop harvest began a week ago. Harvest of winter crops is almost over. Harvests elsewhere in Latvia will commence no sooner than August, farmers say.

Agriculture service cooperative ‘Latraps’ Director General Edgars Ruza says that Zemgale started its harvests last week; harvests of winter wheat are completed. Harvests of winter rape have also commenced.

«First trucks carrying winter rape arrived last evening. They continue coming in. Harvests are currently being performed at different fields. Still, we should wait three to four days for the full harvest to come in,» said Ruza, adding that intensive rape harvest could begin sooner.

She also admits that weather has delayed crop harvest in Zemgale, where harvests usually start sooner than other regions, by a week. Crop harvest in Vidzeme and Latgale could begin in a couple of weeks. Wheat in Zemgale is not expected to have a good yield this year. This is largely because of the weather. Only some of the fields show promising growth. It is positive, however, that crop harvests in most of Latvia were not affected much by July’s rainfall.

Latraps director general adds that current weather conditions are considered favourable for winter and summer crops. Crop yield potential is set to be good this year, which is largely thanks to the weather.

Ruza also adds that because of late harvests, there could be concerns about sowing winter rape in time. «If we miss the optimal time period for sowing winter rape, we should not sow it at all. The latest when it is safe to sow winter rape is 25 August. After that, however, there is a major risk of crops dying.»

Agriculture cooperative VAKS chairman Indulis Jansons admits that crop harvests in Vidzeme and Latgale will be delayed be a couple of weeks and will likely start no sooner than the second week of August.

«We expect a notable harvest in the second week of August. We still hope to commence harvests this week, but that is in question,» Jansons said.

VAKS chairman says delays with crop harvest also delay the sowing of new crops. But as soon as the fields are free, new crops will be sown, unless weather objects.


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