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Saeima approves controversial amendments to Credit Institutions Law

Photo: flickr.com/Saeima.
Latvian Saeima approved amendments to the Credit Institutions Law, which were previously returned to the parliament for a repeated viewing by President Raimonds Vejonis, completely unchanged.

Still, members of the parliament had very different opinions on amendments this time – only 49 members from Harmony, Union of Greens and Farmers, National Alliance and To Latvia from the Heart supported amendments.

20 deputies from Unity, as well as Ilmars Latkovskis and Romans Naudins from the National Alliance were against. 15 other Saeima members did not participate in the vote.

The aforementioned amendments provide restrictions to become an administrator of an insolvent bank. Changes state that it will not be possible to become an administrator of an insolvent bank if the person was employed by the creditor of the bank in question in the past.

Saeima’s Budget and Finance Committee decided to submit law amendments for approval in the parliament in the form they were received from the president on 8 June. Members of the Saeima refused to change their decision and rejected three proposals from Ints Dalderis (Unity).

The committee notes that conditions that were in place when the Saeima first reviewed amendments are no longer in place – an administrator has been found for Trasta komercbanka.


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