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Inflation up 3.0% in Latvia June-on-June

The average price rate in Latvia comparing June 2016 to June 2017 has increased 3.0% as products got 2.6% more expensive, services – by 4.0%, calculated the Latvian Central Statistical Bureau.

The statisticians found that compared to June 2016, last month the greatest pressure on the price changes was put by the rise in prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages, goods and services related to housing, prices in miscellaneous goods and services group, prices related to recreation and culture, prices in communication group, prices of goods and services related to transport.

Meanwhile, there has been a decline in prices of clothing and footwear, as well as natural gas.

Even though natural gas last month cost cheaper than a year ago, prices of goods and services related to housing went up by 3.2 %, as the increase was seen in maintenance charges in multi-occupied buildings, prices of heat energy and waste collection.


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