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Opinion: consumption of dairy products in Latvia continues to decline

Consumption of dairy products continues to decline in Latvia, says Food Union Vice-President for strategy and businesses development matters Normunds Stanevics.

«Consumption declines – previously each Latvian resident consumed on average 200 kg of dairy products a year (180 kg now). There is some good news – consumers have become more open towards new products and innovations. Residents are also pay more attention to quality of the products they buy,» says Stanevics.

At the same time, he admits the decline of dairy products slows down development.

He says the reasons for low consumption of dairy products would be a good topic for a scientific study. «Close cooperation with the academic environment is needed to prepare professionals to work in processing and help with the development of the industry’s ecosystem. The more knowledgeable people work in the industry’s ecosystem, the more the industry’s prestige will grow,» says Stanevics, adding that it would be interesting to study if consumers are prepared to pay for sustainable dairy products.

Food Union Group consists of AS Rīgas piena kombināts, AS Valmieras piens, AS Rīgas piensaimnieks, as well as ice cream producers Premia in Estonia, Premier Is in Denmark, Isbjųrn Is in Norway, Alpin57Lux in Romania and Ingman Ice Cream in Belarus.



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