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Norwegian tourists: Riga’s beauty is overshadowed by low prices

29% of foreign tourists mention Old Riga as the most interesting place in the capital city of Latvia. Other noteworthy locations include Freedom Monument and the National Opera.

Foreign tourists also seem to be fond of St. Peter’s Church (3.9%) and Riga Dome Cathedral (3.7%). Other popular locations in Riga include the National Library, Riga Central Market, parks, Riga Zoological Garden, Alberta Street, churches and Kalnciema Quarter, according to results of a survey carried out by Riga Tourism Development Bureau.

«An important factor in Riga’s popularity among foreign tourists is observation of their behaviour in Riga, their possible return to Riga and recommending Riga to their relatives and friends. Results of the survey also show that what guests of Riga see in the capital during their stay largely complies with their expectations (53.5%). 42.2% of interviewed foreign tourists admit Riga was better than they had initially expected. Only 1.4% of foreign tourists say they are disappointed with their stay in Riga,» – explains RTDB Board member Vita Jermolovica.

The most positive responses regarding Riga come from tourists from Netherlands (63%), Finland (63%) and Belgium (50%).

When asked to describe Riga with three words, tourists were asked to use words that describe the emotional feeling when travelling to the Latvian capital. The word «beautiful» was the absolute leader in responses from 237 travellers. Other popular words used to describe their stay in Riga include «lovely», «culture» and «history».

Unlike tourists from other countries, the word «beautiful» was not mentioned by Norwegian tourists quite as many times as the word «cheap».

«Because it is also necessary for us to determine what people do not like during their stay, we have come to the conclusion that negative experiences in Riga are more often related to bad weather, as noted by 3% of tourists. 1.7% of tourists have difficulties learning the language. 1.7% of tourists are concerned about prices in Riga,» – adds Jermolovica.
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