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Agreement reached on opening fight route Ashgabat-Riga-Toronto

RIGA, May 21 - During his official visit in Turkmenistan, Minister of Foreign Affairs Edgars Rinkevics (Unity) has come to agreement on the commercial flight route Ashgabat-Riga-Toronto, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed LETA.

During his visit in Turkmenistan, Rinkevics discussed a wide range of topics with state officials, especially drawing attention to the expansion of economic relations between both countries. Rinkevics stressed that the most potential fields for cooperation would be transit traffic and logistics, pharmaceuticals, information technologies and power industry.

Foreign affairs ministers of both countries agreed that in order to improve further economic and political contacts, political consultations between the Turkmen and Latvian ministries of foreign affairs should be organized, as well as Intergovernmental Commission meetings. Rinkevics also advocated opening a Turkmenistan Embassy in Latvia.

They also agreed that the process of expanding contractual ties should be sped up, especially drawing attention to the trucking sector. During the talks, the proposal to open a new flight route Ashgabat-Riga-Toronto was also discussed, it would create a momentum for further economic relations.

Both ministers discussed Latvia's ability to share its experience in harbor development and management and logistics, and issues connected with cargo transit from and to Afghanistan, which could be a potential partner for Turkmenistan.

The Turkmen officials highly praised the quality of Latvian universities, and both ministers discussed the opportunity to promote Latvian universities and education options in Latvia.

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